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Sports Medicine




The Point University Sports Medicine Department seeks to provide all university-sponsored athletic teams with comprehensive, high-quality athletic training resources. We aim to treat athletes with a holistic view, focusing on all levels including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of an injury. The Sports Medicine Department is continuously working towards staying up to date in evidence base studies and practicing within new, updated, and modern care. The focus of the department is on strengthening the relationships with our community, physicians, and collegiate competitors. Point University’s Sports Medicine Department aspires to be the leader in athletic training within the NAIA division.


The Point University’s Sports Medicine Department’s primary mission is to provide quality athletic training services to all the university-sponsored athletic teams. These services include prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and management of injuries and/or illnesses. We are also committed to providing athletes with the tools that they need to grow spiritually, athletically, academically, and professionally.

The purpose of our department is to:

  • Promote excellence in a Christian environment
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Assure that efficient and safe emergency procedures are in place
  • Allow easy access to sports medicine services
  • Provide immediate first response to athletic-related medical emergencies
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Enable our student-athletes to return to participation quickly and safely
  • Educate athletes and coaches on proper techniques in strengthening and flexibility

We are committed to providing the highest standard of care for our student-athletes. In addition, we stand behind the values and beliefs of Point University, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Code of Professional Practice, and the regulations set forth by the State of Georgia.




Andrew Welch MS, ATC, LAT– Head Athletic Trainer 

Women's Soccer, Men's Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, and Men's Golf


Tadie Phillips- Assistant Athletic Trainer

Football, Women's Flag Football, Cross Country/Track, Swim, Tennis, Cheer




Hours of Operation

The following hours are subject to change. Any changes will be posted on the Athletic Training Room door and all necessary coaches/administrators will be notified.

Monday-Friday: Clinic Hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm; Pre-Practice/In Season Coverage: 1:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Weekends: Event coverage as needed



There are two athletic training facilities at Point University. The Field House is located in Valley, AL and hosts Football, Cheerleading, Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Swimming, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track, and practice for Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse. The West Point Park Gym hosts Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Men’s and Women’s Golf, and games for Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse.


Field House

140 Ram Stadium Drive

Valley, AL 36854


West Point Park Gym

1201 Hwy 29

West Point, GA 31833


Contact Information

Field House Athletic Training Room: 706-385-1419

Gym Athletic Training Room: 706-385-1400

Fax: 334-756-6155


Point University Student-Athletes Pre-Participation Physicals

All students receive an email regarding pre-participation physical packets to be completed electronically prior to participation in Point Athletics. This email will be sent from a Sports Medicine staff member through DocuSign.

Physicals are scheduled by the Sports Medicine Department at the beginning of Fall preseason and again when Winter and Spring sports move in for the academic year. The physicals are completed free of charge by Emory Medical Providers in LaGrange and West Point locations. Incoming athletes do not need to have a physical done on their own. If an athlete cannot attend either of these physicals, they will be required to schedule their own physical with a provider approved by the Sports Medicine Staff and receive an orthopedic screening prior to playing. Outside physicals will not be accepted.


Insurance Coverage

All athletes are required to have their own primary insurance to participate in Point Athletics. If you are an incoming or returning athlete without active insurance below are a few options of short-term insurance plans that other athletes have used while participating at Point University.




Please note that Point University has a zero tolerance policy for inactive/no insurance athletic participants.

Point University has a secondary insurance policy for all athletes needing further medical attention due to an injury while participating in athletics at Point. This insurance does not cover pre-existing injuries, injuries caused by outside activity not required by athletic coaches, accidents, falls, etc.


Visiting Team

Letter to Visiting Team


Important Links

COVID-19 Testing Locations

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan Routes & Procedures

Athletic Training Room Rules

Point University Student-Athlete Handbook (refer to pages 41-46)

NAIA Banned Substances

Tryout Waiver


Sickle Cell Testing

Sickle cell trait (SCT) is not a disease, but an inherited red blood cell condition by one or both parents. While people with SCT do not usually have symptoms of sickle cell disease (SCD), student-athletes of all levels can be affected. Due to the deformed c-shape of red blood cells, there is less uptake and holding of oxygen which can causes issues in the athletic population. Those with sickle cell trait are carriers of the gene and may experience a ‘sickling’ episode. These individuals could be asymptomatic or be affected during physical activity.

Point University’s Sports Medicine Department requires all incoming student-athletes to provide the results of a sickle cell solubility test. This will help the Sports Medicine Department provide appropriate care for all individuals participating in athletics.

Sickle Cell Trait Testing Results Form


Advanced Medical Care

Team Physician: Family Medicine and Sports Medicine – Dr. Robert Martin (Emory Specialty Associates)

Orthopedics: Emory Southern Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy: Southern Rehab and Sports Medicine